About the camp:

Our camp area is 7000 nm, it is planted in a woody area. Formerly it was the horse-tale of the Ferentzi family. Our main building is a two-storey romantic brick building, which was formerly a horse-bed. We have been completely renovated, we have been divided into rooms for 5-6 people and we have been optimally equipped with IKEA furniture for campers. We have a large community and creative space, 4 shower sinks and 6 toilets. In the garden there is a fire place and a large free play area.

Horses are still living in some parts, horse carriage is included among the programs. Our camp is separated from the shore of the Tisza by the hump of the charge. There are a built-in beach, dining, entertainment and rowing facilities on the beach. During the camp there is also a possibility for small group bicycles, since we have a cycling trail for a long time. The programs include cooking pots and roasting bites.

Our accommodation, when we do not have a children’s camp turn, we also sell to individual guests, families and friends. The place is suitable for small companies to retreat, relax, work, having party, but we have successfully organized Lifestyle and Yoga Camp, too.

We can provide meals by appointment and meeting.



Biking on the entire Tisza line

Fishing on the Tisza and its oceans

Dragon Boats

Excursion by horse carriage

Swimming in Tisza

Urban thermal beach

Baking in the cauldrons, grilling, bacon baking with professional help



ROOMS couch